Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye for now...

So as you all know I have lost my previous chapter pictures and I hate not having all of my legacy together...
So I think this is it for this Legacy. I think Im going to start a new one very soon, maybe have it be more of a story type legacy, maybe a DITFT, or something interesting. Wait and see. Ill put a link up on here for my new blog. 

Until next legacy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chapter 3.5

Just so everyone knows I picked heir for this next generation. 
 Riley has been becoming such a good painter.
 Peyton was just worried about making friends.
 Owen: "So Sydney who do you think will be heir?"
 Sydney: "Well I hope me, of course!"
 Owen: "Yeah...but you have 3 other brothers and sisters..."
Sydney: "Like YOU would get it....haha."
 Weird face #1
 Riley: "So you think you'll be heir?"
 Whatcha doing Owen?
Owen: "Texting Christy to come over and talk to me."
 Meanwhile....Looks like someones getting cozy. :)
Sydney: "Go away!!"
 Christy: "So you really like her? Well then go for it cause I hear she likes you too!"
 Mother daughter conversation...
Sydney: "Mom I think Im in love with him."
 Little Riley playing with toys.
 Getting your workout on?
Owen: "Yes.."
 Well well well what are these to up too?
Oh ok then moving on.....
 Twin birthday time.
Peyton sure looks excited. I cant say the same for Riley though.
 Riley Tayler is gorgeous. 
 Peyton is very pretty too in her own way.
 Riley: "So how excited are you that we are teens now?!"
 Who you talking to Owen?
Owen: "Sara, shes coming over!"
 First kiss. :)
 Doing work?
Riley: "Yeah.."
 Woot Jenna! You are a level 9, almost level 10 keep up the good work!
 Nice garden James...
James: "Thanks I work hard on it everyday." 
 Weird face #2.
 Arent they a cute couple?
Owen: "Uhm we just became a couple.."
Awww even cuter! :)
 Old age comes to us all...
Peyton: "Hahahaha." 
I guess Peyton finds this funny...
 Weird face # 3.
 Side by side to show you how different the twins are. 
 James after his makeover.
 With his old age came sickness....James got very skinny.
James: "So you are all here for me to tell you which on of you is going to be heir."
 James: "Im sorry but it wont be...Sydney."
Sydney: "OhMyGod..."
 James: "Or Owen."
Owen: *Silence*
 James: "Or Peyton."
Peyton: "What?!"
 James: "So that leaves you, Riley."
Riley: "Its me...?"
Congrats Riley Tayler Generation 4!
Birthday time..
Say goodbye to Sydney. Dont worry we will see her soon enough as she goes on with her life. 

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chapter 3.4

A lot of time has passed since Jenna found out she was expecting again.
Owen grew into a child.
Charlie passed away.
The same day,  Jenna went into labor.
The twins are now toddlers. Riley is on the right and Peyton on the left.
Peyton was a little trouble maker, she loved throwing fits. 
The twins always seemed to play all the time.
Here they are learning to walk. 
What cha doing Sydney?
Sydney: "Reading, you know I love to read."
Yes, this is true.
This is Sydneys new friend Melinda.
This is Melinda's brother Dereck. 
Saturday morning cartoons? 
Owen: "Yup."
Nice. :)
You look like youre thinking hard.
Sydney: "Cause I am, Im learning how to write."
Owen: "OhMyGod! What is that?!"
Jenna: "Its just cartoons, now shush so I can read."
I love the face Owen.
Melinda: "Hey girl."
Melinda: "So what did you want to talk to me about?"
Sydney: "Well its kinda a secret and Im not sure if I wanna tell you..."
Melinda: "Okay well you can come over tomorrow and we can talk about it."
James: "Now remember son, your the only guy you gotta fight for heir."
Owen: "Uhm what?"
Ghost sighting. 
Melinda: "So what was it you had to tell me?"
Sydney: "Well youre my best friend so, Ill just say it.."
Sydney: "I like your brother..."
Both: "Hahaha."
Melinda: "No way girl! If you do go for it, I think he likes you too."
Sydney: "Okay I will."
Sydney: "Hi Dereck."
Dereck: "Hey Sydney."
Sydney: "So this show is pretty interesting...."
Dereck: "Yeah."
Smooth move Sydney.♥ 
Looks like Melinda approves. 
Melinda: "So I was wondering if youd like to stay the night?"
Sydney: "Yeah, Id like that."
I think someones embarrassed to be seen in there pajamas. 
Dereck: "Uhmm...h...hi Sydney."
Sydney: "Hi there Dereck."
Melinda: "OhMyGod, they are still talking.."
Haha I love this.
Birthday time.
Isn't he cute. 
So this is Melinda's little sister Sara. 
Owen: "Well we both just had our birthdays, and I think you're cute.."
Sara: "Aww thanks Owen, I think your cute too."
Another ghost sighting.
The twins are kids now too.
Homework time.
Jenna is getting better and better at her job.
Sydney: "I really like you Dereck."
Dereck: "I really like you too Sydney."
Sydney: "So I was wondering if you would be my boyfriend?"
I think that's a yes.
It looks like Owen and Sara are getting a lot closer.

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